Preserving History and Increasing Sustainability Awareness for Future Generations

The Miles Ranch Foundation is a young and very small non-profit organization with a big mission. The mission of the Foundation is to preserve the history of the Miles Ranch and to create a legacy of sustainability for future generations.

In preserving the history of the Miles Ranch, our goal is to collect, house, and exhibit artifacts; and to research, interpret, and protect the history and cultural heritage of the Miles Ranch, the Miles Family, and the many other families who have lived and/or worked at the Miles Ranch. Our vision is to become an educational resource in the areas of 19th and Early 20th Century Farming and Ranching, the Overland Trail, Freighting, Mail Transport, Stagecoach Transportation, Frontier Life, and Early Banking in the American West.  

The foundation’s exceptional and ever-growing collections illustrate a rich history spanning over 160 years. Included are fine examples of period home furnishings, decorative arts, textiles, household artifacts, clothing, rare books and manuscripts, paintings, painting_01.JPGphotographs, tools, and machinery. The documents, correspondence, and diaries in the collection demonstrate the influence of political, social, and economic events of the time on daily life. The collections are an invaluable resource for scholars of Richardson County history, Nebraska history, and history of the American West.

In creating a legacy of sustainability, our goal is to increase awareness of and demonstrate how some sustainable farming and ranching practices utilized at the Miles Ranch in the 19th and early 20th century, coupled with new techniques, can preserve our natural resources, protect our natural environment, and improve quality of life. Our vision is to promote agricultural and environmental stewardship to inspire people to use principles and practices of sustainability in agriculture and everyday life. This will be achieved by offering workshops, field days, presentations, community forums and guided tours covering topics ranging from sustainable agriculture to green living.